Almost eggs benedict & the lack of words

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Its oooooverrrrrrrrr!
5 papers, 3 pen refills, 2 weeks, 1 academic year.
Come to me summer, for I am queeen!!
Okay this is mildly odd but I have nothing substantial to say other than the fact that I'm embracing summer with open arms (until money runs out hahaa!) and enjoying the luxury of having no deadlines or randomly staring into spaces trying to remember the characteristics of so and so economic circumstance or the bidding and valuation formulas or subject my hands to the torture of writing non-stop for three hours -- until next academic year that is

Rwwight, heh sorry I'm quite into the whole adding random w's to normal words I don't know why it just happened so if you see weird words here and there and in possibly the next post, don't judge me, and, heh just pronounce it like I would(;

From here-on-in is the pictorial evidence of how eggs with runny yolks should be stabbed(;
#1 (still looking pretty with ham and cheesy friends)
poachedeggs.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

I have random pictures of food.
Food randomly made and consumed in the days leading up and of the examinations. Some of which were completely random craving creations stemmed from browsing too many foodblogs, tastespotting included. Sometimes I hate that site.

#2. Closer. Doesn't that look like a normal egg white to you. so.very.normal.
poachedeggs2.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

And now, is one of the rare moments that I'm devoid of what to talk about.
Must wait till the arrival of summer properly sinks in, or the fact that I attain some of my social life back and funny happenings in the life of a summer bum. Haha ok promise not gonna bum that much, gonna make full and good use of my time.

#3. Stab one. ohmy from the stab wound runneth the yolk!
poachedeggs3.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

Learning how to poach my own eggs was one good use of time, though eating ever so slightly into ex-studying time. Whirling the boiling water around as fast and vigourously as I could before going owwwchh! the metal spoon is so hot! And coupling that with sliding the egg dexterously in with the left hand. Tell me that is not skill learnt and not a good use of time hehee.
And yes only because I refuse to use vinegar to poach eggs and sour my perfect breakfast.
Pancakes, I'll return to you soon!

#4. And aforementioned yolk was left to run to its erh, death. worthy sacrifice indeed. I was a very happy girl after that
poachedeggs4.jpg picture by classifiedramblings
Does'nt it look purrrrty!

Awwight! its,
1am, 2 hours before normal exam bedtime and I'm going to bed without anything on my mind!
Just because I can(:
And dream of some runny eggs and ham with cheese on an english muffin.
It's like my own eggs mcmuffin, only better(:

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congratulations on finishing exams and all that stuff =)

you can say you hate tastespotting sometimes, but you know you love it all the time. haha

any good plans for the summer?

I too is excited for the summer, my niece is going to visit us for a summer vacation. And what else is best to serve for breakfast. Nothing can beat the taste of a hot bread complimented with cheese, ham and egg.

@stan: hahaha that is quite true i love it most times, just not late at night when i'm hungry heh

@m: hi there! love bread, cheese, ham and eggs!! cereal is the next best alternative though(:

@stan: oh and as for summer, I really dont know! hahaha any fun ideas?
maybe getting a fun job somewhere and take mini holidays around my little neck of the world haha(: what about you for summer?

Congrats on finishing everything! This eggs benedict just made me really hungry!

My summer's going to be filled with more of the same. work and food exploits. no vacations for me, i just took my vacation. haha

Make a list of things you MUST try before summer is over, and get cracking! then you'll slowly go through the list no matter how long it is. on the last week, you'll go "oh shoot! i'm not going to make it... oh well, who will know.." then you'll go through life like it never happened and it wont matter because you were right, who would know

yes, those exact events and realizations are my suggestions for you for your summer =)

I am an eggs benedict fanatic, along with my 7 yr old daughter... she calls it our "fancy" breakfast!

I love the first picture of egg, others are not egg but crap. lol

Well, who will know.." then you'll go through life like it never happened and it wont matter because you were right. keep it up.

haha! I think all eggs are same but different I love all type of eggs and kara i think you don't like eggs very much..

Wow, I really dont know! hahaha any fun ideas? maybe getting a fun job somewhere and take mini holidays around my little neck of the world, thanx for the wonderful pictures.

Oh well, who will know.." then you'll go through life like it never happened and it wont matter because you were right, who would know, anyway thanx for the post.

Looks yummy! I really love eating that stuff while watching morning news. Thank you

Nice Eggs. I really like all of them. Thanks for the post.

Well, the eggs benedict did have very well poached eggs. Anyways, Thank for sharing.

Wow..I would love to have that in breakfast..I like the egg, not really cooked, the egg yolk is still sticky, love it!

Yummy, This eggs Benedict just made me really hungry! thanx for the wonderful pictures, keep it up.

okay, so your food is amazing, like always. but next time. remind me not to look at this when i'm starving in my room kthxbai. he

I had a delicious Eggs Benedict the other day at a restaurant, and the eggs were described in the menu as "basted." I like my eggs very stiff, I don't like the yolk to be runny at all. I almost never cook eggs myself.
How do I go about cooking an egg like this?

All eggs are fantastic! I really like eggs. But too much eggs aren't good for health.

Well, I almost never cook eggs myself, how do I go about cooking an egg like this, looking forward for your next post.

Just love your blog, thanx for the share, looking forward for your next blog, thanx again for the post.


Funny post! Makes me want some eggs!

This was wonderful! Made just as written except I put sliced tomatoe on mine instead of candian bacon. It was heaven. My husband LOVED it too, he did candian bacon and tomatoe. Great flavors and VERY easy!! Thanks for sharing!

i keep coming here hoping for a new post =(

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