Hello weekend


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Level 33  / Awesome company / Too-expensive food / Hilarious conversations / Medium steak / Mac and cheese / Truffle Mash / Chocolate lava cake / So Hungry Now. 2012-05-25 18.50.46  2012-05-25 19.09.33

2012-05-25 19.07.57

2012-05-25 19.08.34

Giant 22” Pepperoni’s / Yup those are standard forks and knives / Parma ham and rocket / YUM / Fried giant portobello mushroom / Basic Life love / Dessert / Mango icecream with brownie / Ice cream chefs


2012-05-26 19.05.35

2012-05-26 19.00.19

2012-05-26 20.30.36

10KM / 67 minutes / Done / Hot hot hot sweaty run / 157th in age group / Many many many people running the half and full at 1230am / Insanity / When’s the next?(:

2012-05-26 23.52.34


2012-05-28 00.42.46

Hilarious drawings and attempts to guess previous lines of drawings just by words during cell.

      2012-05-27 11.24.35  2012-05-27 11.19.32

Amazing weekend.

Press for nirvana?


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This totally made me laugh after a craptasticically busy day at work. Although I technically was on a endorphin high post awesome 8km run, it still made me pause for awhile and laugh to myself like a retarded person. Yes I’ve seen such signs around, here and there. But this is the first I’ve seen of this sign. So proud of myself though, for making it to the gym despite leaving so late and the body just wanted to go home and lie on my bed and vegetate.
Definitely jabbed at the button a few more times just for kicks(;

2012-05-21 21.40.05

And this is of no relation to the above apart from the fact that it is a reminder of the weekend. And this, is love in a bowl. When you are starving but too damn lazy to cook anything for yourself and your brother comes up with a half a packet of instant noodle dunked in a bowl of campbell soup…love, for sure (;
2012-05-20 20.21.14

Because we are uncreative and lazy people on weekends. What’s better than pizza and tv, Yup pizza DELIVERY and tv. Yums

2012-05-20 20.27.06 

And yes not in any relation to the above, this is a picture of fries.
I hopped off the treadmill, really only wanting to eat one thing. Truffle fries.
And the first thing I see while flipping open a random magazine. Omg, I die.
I didnt get to eat truffle fries tonight, but I sure remembered how good they tasted, #6. Freaking amazing.

Fries, so bad for you, but sometimes so damn good.

  2012-05-17 21.03.422012-05-17 21.04.07

Yeah definitely all over the place today haha but I kinda like it

The perfect Sunday


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In my ideal world that kinda only exist in my brain, of which sometimes I think is off on its own little adventure that I can’t keep up with, my ideal Sunday would go something like this.

Getting up at a respectable time of 8.30 or 9am, after a night of fantastically absurd dreams.
Willingly. Not because I have somewhere to be or something to see to
My sheets smell like freshly laundered and pressed cotton, I roll around in it for a while more for good measure before rolling out of bed.

Admittedly motivated by the fact that there is brunch to be had.
Brunch. Oh how I love thee. Poached eggs, Grilled portobello mushrooms, Homemade hashbrowns, Sausages, Grilled tomatoes, Yoghurt with muesli, Perfectly toasted bread with butter.
And maybe a mouthful of nutella. 
Just because. P1140010


Catching up on absolutely useless yet highly interesting things on flipboard while enjoying the comfortable background noise of the television that no one watches in particular on a lovely sunday morning.

Of course, the weather is fantastic. Sunlight with breeze and the perfect lack of humidity putting people in a absolutely happy and non irritable mood. Comfortable enough to wear a light jacket yet enjoy shorts with bare legs to soak up as much sunlight as possible.


When that’s done, we walk to church and and enjoy service like it should be done, with the message being absolutely what I needed to hear that morning. And that sense of gratefulness, love, peace, joy and promise that I feel, leaving with me when I step out of those and staying with me throughout the week. Yeah I love that. 

After that, the grocery store, supermarket, whatevs, to stroll through the aisles to buy essentials for the week. Yes, in my ideal world I still am  responsible and shop for groceries(; And also because I love doing so. Who cares what I need and what I want heh, I would be happy to look up aisles of toilet paper to gourmet cheese that is too stinky to eat. Rows of cereal, rows of pasta sauce, rows of ice cream, rows of baking supplies. I could go all day.
I finally get what I want and treat myself to a few of the needs. Home it is. Maybe a frozen yoghurt in hand. Ok, definitely.

2011-11-07 14.53.32

Again, this is still all ideal and hypothetical, so someone will unpack all my groceries and stash them away in their respective places in the fridge and cabinets. And I will turn on the telly, curl up and watch my favourite dramas, or a chickflick.

5.30pm. Head out for a 5km run along an imaginary river where people do watersports like dragonboating and kayaking and I run along the footpath taking in the sights and smelling the flowers and impending summertime.
(not my picture)


Reach home, I can smell dinner cooking and it is heavenly. After a hot hot shower, I take a moment, sit, and eat glorious food. No phones, no internets, no tv’s, no ebooks, nothing. Just me, chewing, tasting every bite, every flavour, savouring.

Then there is dessert. Fresh seasonal fruit. And a square, ok two squares of chocolate.


And we watch a movie, and talk, and laugh, and talk some more. And prepare to face the five days that is ahead. And laugh about the stupidity of this happening every week. But at this point, I am happy. That’s all I need.

Then we sleep at a respectable time that is not 3.30am which is now.

Fleeting passion



I wish I was one of those passionately talented individuals. Knowing absolutely unequivocally what their life calling was, even if they did not like it at some point in time, they still knew, people still told them, they still returned to it at some point. It did not run away, nor hide itself or degenerate. Talent to write, talent for speech, talent to look beautiful, talent with music, especially talent for music. Its such a beautiful thing, to listen to, to appreciate, to lull time by, to zone out to, fall in and out of, wake and fall asleep to. And people who can just take up their instrument, any instrument, and make beautiful notes and chords come out of intricately random yet perfectly orchestrated finger movements. I love the sound of the guitar, the piano, stringed instruments, full orchestras, halfs, string quartets, voices..

Passion. What am I passionate about, passionate for.

I will wait, I will seek, I pray one day I will be lucky enough to know the answer to that age old question.

People say its in the daily things you do or those that do you don’t, that you eventually sieve out the answers to those dreams. Well, here’s just some things that I see everyday, I love the view, the bustle of it, the excitement of importance, the drive of men, the challenge to excel, and sometimes even the concurrent detest of monday blues. Then again, there are the lulls, but I’d like to think I see the glass half full.  P1140485

One of the weekend day ridesP1140481P1140483

Like little blue toy buildings.



In other news, its the weeeeeekend!(:



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My body is not very happy with me now. And all I want to do is curl into a ball on the bed and never leave the room.

I only have 4 rules when it comes to whether I should quit running (on the treadmill or outside)

1. I am going to physically die
2. I am going to faint.
3. I am going to throw up
4. I am going to crap in my pants.

#Fact. After I set my treadmill for 10.0 yesterday, you know, in preparation for the sundown run.
Music check, many tv screens check. Run.
After 2.4km I already wanted to die and it was just around 15min. Oh well its just me and my lazy body wanting to cop out. So I continued. By 4+ I decided I was really miserable and the endorphins did not kick in nor did the run get any easier. ): Reduced total mileage to 6.0km. Upped the speed a little and just ran on. Hit 6.0, decided to do 1 more. Did 7.0km and promptly hopped off. Not even till 7.01km. That bad.

Zero runners high, zero adrenaline rush, only cold sweat. zzzzz. Even my favourite hot shower felt gross. Needless to say, the journey home was torture. Stupid stupid decision to not need my own rules when it comes to quitting a run. Literally felt 3 of 4 of the symptoms up there. Sometimes I am certain I don’t think at all.
Zero appetite but forced down half a nature valley bar. Normally I love those things post run but that just tasted like crap.

I am so writing this down to remind me of my incredible stupidity in not listening to my own body.
And to never (try really hard) not to let this happen again. Wonder what did I eat to make my stomach into such a rebel. Hmm.

So I have the day off, not complaining about that. And the brother has been absolutely fantastic accomodating my inane requests hahaha like eating icecream while sick >_< not my smartest moment. But since my stomach wants to be such a bitch, well it can continue to do so with some icecream in it. Heh.

2012-05-16 13.16.25

Off to hibernate somemore.

Not friends with technology


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Excited for this(:

2012-05-13 23.38.32

Less than excited to eat donuts. Krispy Kreme from land of Aus no less but omgee insanely sweet and gross. Why can’t I say no. Hmpff.

2012-05-14 12.42.11 2012-05-14 16.58.46

Sigh and technology seem to fail me. Its still running, but barely. Sad face.

2012-05-14 22.50.25

Please don’t die on me tooo. It might be abit soon, but I’m deciding between a Apple and PC. Is that losing half the battle already? :/

2012-05-14 23.21.08

Bodypump 80 release is so damn good zomg. Bring on Tuesday.



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It’s finally raining, after what feels like an entire day of zero wind and 100% humidity. I’m just gonna sit here and enjoy the rain for awhile. The reassuring patter on my windows, distant flashes of lightning, enjoyed all in the comfort knowing that I am safe behind panes. Vision slowly blurring as the droplets trickle down finding each their own way down. Can’t see much except for streetlights lighting up certain droplets in its own unique bokeh blurring everything around it.

Absolutely beautiful.

Safe. Definitely safe. Sitting here and enjoying the rain is in no matter the same as stomping around in rainboots feeling the rain run down your face occassionally prickling your eyes as it runs. Maybe I would just like to feel like a kid again, stomping puddles, running in the rain, not being afraid to fall, afraid to get hurt. Just free.

That one time we rode in the rain. It spoilt our plans, we had to stop, and stop. For the reluctance to let the bikes get wet or trap any more dirt that it should in the cranks, it was hot rain, the icky sort. After more than three stops on the way back, we decided to just go for it, through the rain, all the way home. Yes it did get heavier and rain was running down everywhere possible. It was cold, wet and the fact that we had to clean out those bikes sucked even more. But contrary to that, as we were sitting in the basement cleaning it out, down to the ball bearings, it was one of those times that you remember a long time after and thank God for it. Because he turned something like a failed ride into precious pockets of time that you otherwise would not have spent, getting oil on hands, dirt on legs but a smile on face at the end.

Worth it.

That said, there are other things other than 2am rain that makes me absolutely happy as well.

2012-05-09 12.42.00 

Smoked duck salad with roasted pumpkin. Hands down one of the best lunches yet. Downside: hole in pocket :/2012-05-09 16.44.30 

Some loving from awesome colleagues who bring you the best chewy junior flavour there is (:2012-05-10 12.11.03

Yes I eat a salad more than once a week. This was pretty great as well(:2012-05-09 19.59.44 

Mediocre pizza, fantastic company. And thats all I need. 2012-05-09 21.20.01

Yummy icecream from awfully chocolate. This never fails.

2012-05-10 14.49.42 

Haha attack of the mini post its. Thanks to less than extraordinary drawing skills from my sneaky colleagues. Still made for good entertainment though(;2012-05-12 12.01.11

And my favourite weekend breakfast. Of course I will not say no to brunch. But this was definitely calling my name this morning. Getting dressed and out before 10am is sometimes too painful.2012-05-12 22.44.24

Truly Singaporean because this sight makes me want to sing with joy. An empty bus! Sighh 2012-05-12 22.42.10

And then this has to happen. WhyWhyWhy. Why my shoes. Why my subpar knot tying skills.
Yep, the right ribbon is still in that state now and making my shoes look horrid. MEH.
Whoever designed those things to be able to come undone. Rawrh.

One for the road


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No yummy food here today, just pure adrenaline rush and knowing that the weekend is just a breath away. Kinda.

Must as well make use of the endorphin rush at 12mn to write a probably too enthusiastic post that I will laugh at tomorrow.
Absolutely fantastic ride. Just less than 2 hours, about 55km, about half of Singapore, half a cup of iced milo and fantastic races along the way. Definitely a workout.
Geeking and gawking at other bikes were also in order somewhere along the way. Bike envy!
The adrenaline rush of racing with random strangers also definitely adds to the experience. And no dogs this time. (; Love the new tires wheeeeeee

My brother has created a monster.


2012-05-10 21.44.30 2012-05-10 22.00.37 

Favourite drinks. yum! Heh could not finish the 100+ and it wasn’t about to go to waste.


Done, and done. :D

No I am not OCD and turn it to say 55 heh(:

No pain no gain


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Every one of these bring back a time, a place, a season. I wonder why I didn’t do this earlier. Spoilt for choice from more than a year’s worth of camera snaps. Its time I put them somewhere.
Baking has definitely taken a back seat, now its more of cooking for myself. But there is definitely still the occassional cookie or brownie craving in which I don’t deny myself (; Just a few things I absolutely adore

Number one being this awesome find. $2 for 5 fat slabs of salmon. Cheap sashimi mondays I like to call it. There are no words to how much I love this.

2012-04-02 19.49.43

 2012-03-10 13.22.32 2011-12-25 14.43.49 2011-08-09 00.44.18

King of the smelly fruits(:

2011-10-01 12.57.25

What people go to IKEA for. Apart from student furniture of course

2012-04-02 18.55.48 2011-06-30 20.10.04 2011-06-14 12.45.51

Frozen goodness and a braised pork. 1 x awesome that’s what it is. Too bad only found in M’sia.

2011-07-30 12.59.46

I will wake up for all day breakfasts, yes I will.

Random thought, but reaching home before 10pm and chilling with the tv on is definitely a luxury I enjoy when I get the chance. Everywhere is still aching from yesterday but I still put away 7km anyway. Wheeeee! Awful weird shaky treadmill photo eeep.
No pain no gain. Indeed.

2012-05-08 20.13.59

Can the weekend come already, please?