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It’s finally raining, after what feels like an entire day of zero wind and 100% humidity. I’m just gonna sit here and enjoy the rain for awhile. The reassuring patter on my windows, distant flashes of lightning, enjoyed all in the comfort knowing that I am safe behind panes. Vision slowly blurring as the droplets trickle down finding each their own way down. Can’t see much except for streetlights lighting up certain droplets in its own unique bokeh blurring everything around it.

Absolutely beautiful.

Safe. Definitely safe. Sitting here and enjoying the rain is in no matter the same as stomping around in rainboots feeling the rain run down your face occassionally prickling your eyes as it runs. Maybe I would just like to feel like a kid again, stomping puddles, running in the rain, not being afraid to fall, afraid to get hurt. Just free.

That one time we rode in the rain. It spoilt our plans, we had to stop, and stop. For the reluctance to let the bikes get wet or trap any more dirt that it should in the cranks, it was hot rain, the icky sort. After more than three stops on the way back, we decided to just go for it, through the rain, all the way home. Yes it did get heavier and rain was running down everywhere possible. It was cold, wet and the fact that we had to clean out those bikes sucked even more. But contrary to that, as we were sitting in the basement cleaning it out, down to the ball bearings, it was one of those times that you remember a long time after and thank God for it. Because he turned something like a failed ride into precious pockets of time that you otherwise would not have spent, getting oil on hands, dirt on legs but a smile on face at the end.

Worth it.

That said, there are other things other than 2am rain that makes me absolutely happy as well.

2012-05-09 12.42.00 

Smoked duck salad with roasted pumpkin. Hands down one of the best lunches yet. Downside: hole in pocket :/2012-05-09 16.44.30 

Some loving from awesome colleagues who bring you the best chewy junior flavour there is (:2012-05-10 12.11.03

Yes I eat a salad more than once a week. This was pretty great as well(:2012-05-09 19.59.44 

Mediocre pizza, fantastic company. And thats all I need. 2012-05-09 21.20.01

Yummy icecream from awfully chocolate. This never fails.

2012-05-10 14.49.42 

Haha attack of the mini post its. Thanks to less than extraordinary drawing skills from my sneaky colleagues. Still made for good entertainment though(;2012-05-12 12.01.11

And my favourite weekend breakfast. Of course I will not say no to brunch. But this was definitely calling my name this morning. Getting dressed and out before 10am is sometimes too painful.2012-05-12 22.44.24

Truly Singaporean because this sight makes me want to sing with joy. An empty bus! Sighh 2012-05-12 22.42.10

And then this has to happen. WhyWhyWhy. Why my shoes. Why my subpar knot tying skills.
Yep, the right ribbon is still in that state now and making my shoes look horrid. MEH.
Whoever designed those things to be able to come undone. Rawrh.

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Can't go out in the sun, can't go out in the rain, when can you go out?!
Is that the smoked duck you were talking about before?

This post reminds me.. I haven't cleaned any of my bikes in a while.. shoot.

Hahaha that is so true..do you know where i can buy a bubble with perfect weather to live in?
And yes! That's the smoked duck..Freaking awesome stuff..i was so happy aft that lunch(:

Lol time to spend some quality time with those bikes...and you have more than one? !!!

It's called San Francisco! Come on and join me!

Smoked duck looks delicious! I'll have to make it a project and make some.

I've got 3 bikes, a road bike, a front suspension mountain bike, and a full suspension mountain bike. Amelia, Zoey, and Dakota are their names. =)

Heheh wish i could!! Share some of that amazing weather with meee.
Yeaa its so good Im gonna buy ingredients to make it so i dont hv to spend $12 :/

Omgee you have 3! And they hv names too Haha mine is called bumblebee lol

I'll bottle some fog and ship it over to you!

You have a smoker?! I want to play!

3 and it hardly seems like enough. i've spent over $4000 on these bikes. How'd you come up with the name bumblebee?

Hahaha bottled fog is hilarious..and nope no smoker i was intending to get deli smoked meat and assemble heh.

Wahh 4k! Ive barely spent 1k on mine...Haha cos its yellow and reminds me of the transformers autobot Haha!

haha, i sure hope it transforms!

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