Not friends with technology

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Excited for this(:

2012-05-13 23.38.32

Less than excited to eat donuts. Krispy Kreme from land of Aus no less but omgee insanely sweet and gross. Why can’t I say no. Hmpff.

2012-05-14 12.42.11 2012-05-14 16.58.46

Sigh and technology seem to fail me. Its still running, but barely. Sad face.

2012-05-14 22.50.25

Please don’t die on me tooo. It might be abit soon, but I’m deciding between a Apple and PC. Is that losing half the battle already? :/

2012-05-14 23.21.08

Bodypump 80 release is so damn good zomg. Bring on Tuesday.

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10K! Exciting!

Seems like technology doesn't really like you..

Sadly quite true ): that's the six year old classic ):

i had the exact same one! gave it away to a friend, but still fully functional!

Yea that was a pretty great model too bad i had to drop it screenside down ),:

installation is simple(i think so anyways, i've used these guys to install a new battery on my ipod before i gave it to my friend)

oh cool, but mine has way too many problems already ): i think i will let it age gracefully till it dies. thanks anyway!
the new nano cant hold a candle to it though haha

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