One for the road

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No yummy food here today, just pure adrenaline rush and knowing that the weekend is just a breath away. Kinda.

Must as well make use of the endorphin rush at 12mn to write a probably too enthusiastic post that I will laugh at tomorrow.
Absolutely fantastic ride. Just less than 2 hours, about 55km, about half of Singapore, half a cup of iced milo and fantastic races along the way. Definitely a workout.
Geeking and gawking at other bikes were also in order somewhere along the way. Bike envy!
The adrenaline rush of racing with random strangers also definitely adds to the experience. And no dogs this time. (; Love the new tires wheeeeeee

My brother has created a monster.


2012-05-10 21.44.30 2012-05-10 22.00.37 

Favourite drinks. yum! Heh could not finish the 100+ and it wasn’t about to go to waste.


Done, and done. :D

No I am not OCD and turn it to say 55 heh(:

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The odometer reading 54.92 wasn't bothering me until you said 55 below it..

Good job! One day you'll race me! Muahahaha

Hahaha normally i like it to get to a nice round number but at 1130pm i didn't really care anymore lol

Heh for sure one day!(:
Getting up for work nx day was terrible though i just wanted to sleep in :/

The weekend is almost here. Persevere! Then sleep until you are content.

Yeppp! Can't wait!! Any plans for the weekend?

work work work! and it's mothers day, so family celebration.

how abour yourself?

ohh nice(: hopefully a pretty chill weekend after a more happening friday night. only get to sleep in once a week so imma treasure it heh and yepp mothers day!

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