No pain no gain

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Every one of these bring back a time, a place, a season. I wonder why I didn’t do this earlier. Spoilt for choice from more than a year’s worth of camera snaps. Its time I put them somewhere.
Baking has definitely taken a back seat, now its more of cooking for myself. But there is definitely still the occassional cookie or brownie craving in which I don’t deny myself (; Just a few things I absolutely adore

Number one being this awesome find. $2 for 5 fat slabs of salmon. Cheap sashimi mondays I like to call it. There are no words to how much I love this.

2012-04-02 19.49.43

 2012-03-10 13.22.32 2011-12-25 14.43.49 2011-08-09 00.44.18

King of the smelly fruits(:

2011-10-01 12.57.25

What people go to IKEA for. Apart from student furniture of course

2012-04-02 18.55.48 2011-06-30 20.10.04 2011-06-14 12.45.51

Frozen goodness and a braised pork. 1 x awesome that’s what it is. Too bad only found in M’sia.

2011-07-30 12.59.46

I will wake up for all day breakfasts, yes I will.

Random thought, but reaching home before 10pm and chilling with the tv on is definitely a luxury I enjoy when I get the chance. Everywhere is still aching from yesterday but I still put away 7km anyway. Wheeeee! Awful weird shaky treadmill photo eeep.
No pain no gain. Indeed.

2012-05-08 20.13.59

Can the weekend come already, please?

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that plate of sashimi looks amazing! the durian.. still looks like a weapon both physically and orthonasal.

have you ever made sushi before?

Yeah the sashimi was all kinds of amazing..and affordable as well..and as for the durian..all i can say is its an acquired taste Haha.

Nope not successfully that is. The last time i tried it ended in sticky rice on fingers and eating the ingredients separately and quite the mess heh

i'm always afraid of cheap fish.. or "affordable" fish. haha. surprisingly i'm quite indifferent about durian. people usually love it or hate it, i'm just indifferent.

Making sushi is always an adventure

hahah yeah actually me too but this was by a really reputable place so i took a chance(:

you've made sushi before? nice! what kind? i love those exotic maki rolls they make in restaurants, but sashimi is still my ultimate fave

Haha,it was my first time making sushi. i kept it very simple. sashimi, simple rolls. mostly salmon and tuna.. a LOT of salmon.

check out my facebook photos under the album "Sushi"!

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