Don’t forget that feeling

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1130pm and the feeling of hunger are not supposed to be friends.
Just another typical Monday where work and excel sheets drive me absolutely crazy. Some start the weekend count down early, I just aim to fill the week with things and people and events that make me look forward to the next day and the next.

I don’t hate my job. I don’t love it with every shred of my being either. I just wanna be out there, not tied by finances or circumstances. One day.
Days seem to pass slowly, yet sometimes when I blink twice, March is gone, then April and soon enough May will be history.
Typical days revolve around work, the gym and and dinner plans with friends or errands that need to be run. Yes I love/hate the gym. More love these days though, and while the weekend left me needing much rest, I still did the routine Monday night Bodypump. One hour later, two shaky legs and one hot shower later, its time for Grey’s Anatomy and the constant battle whether I should rummage for food or sleep it off and dream of places I want to explore.

Everytime I drink coffee, I think of

P1120927 P1120984


Everytime I think of the perfect brunch, I think of

P1120930 P1120929

P1120986 P1120985

Everytime I think of summer fruits, I think of

P1120946 P1140057

Everytime I think of the perfect wrap which I can never finish for the life of me, I think of


Everytime I think of the perfect citrusy dessert, I think of




Everytime I think of a place I love, I think of




Everytime I think of life, I think of when it would all happen for me.


Looking at these pictures just makes me incredibly happy and wistful, its a good thing, definitely a good thing.


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Now i'm hungry.. and it's not even 11:30pm yet!

Haha doing up those photos while hungry is just torture..Melbourne food is too damn yummy..

come to san francisco! plenty of yummy.

Haha! You gonna bring me around to eat heh? Lol its so far away! You been to Asia before

unfortunately i have never been overseas! i want to though.

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