Two Years On.

I've forgotten how to do this.
Its been two years. (by number). A year an a half in actual time, but who's counting. 
Everything feels the same yet so different. A little older, a little wiser, a little more refined in taste, a little fitter, a little wiser in the fact that I'm just a tiny speck in the giant world. 

Same life, different circumstances, 
I'm back. Back to this whole writing business. It might not be about food all the time. It might incorporate all my other new loves. Staying healthy, keeping busy, eating good food of course, travelling far, and learning to love. 

So I will just start with a couple of pictures as words and sentences slowly come back to me. 
From the rather memorable birthday a few weeks ago. Not the best pictures, but hey bad pictures or rather phone pictures are better than no pictures..
Let the celebrations begin. 

Most expensive calamari ever haha
What we expected: A basket of crunchy calamari
What we got: Above
But it was fantastic tasting no less

Potato wedges

Italian meatballs

Star of the show. Bliss.

Of course wine has to be had

Italian wine.

And dessert after. Because my colleagues are awesome. And there is always space.

Don't ask why the candles are all blown out. hahaha I have no idea as well. 

First of the many. Here's to many more to come. 
Whats the best way to upload photos to blogger....? help?

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Happy belated birthday!

Good to see this active again. Can't wait for more posts!

hahah thanks (:
hopefully more to come.

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