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This totally made me laugh after a craptasticically busy day at work. Although I technically was on a endorphin high post awesome 8km run, it still made me pause for awhile and laugh to myself like a retarded person. Yes I’ve seen such signs around, here and there. But this is the first I’ve seen of this sign. So proud of myself though, for making it to the gym despite leaving so late and the body just wanted to go home and lie on my bed and vegetate.
Definitely jabbed at the button a few more times just for kicks(;

2012-05-21 21.40.05

And this is of no relation to the above apart from the fact that it is a reminder of the weekend. And this, is love in a bowl. When you are starving but too damn lazy to cook anything for yourself and your brother comes up with a half a packet of instant noodle dunked in a bowl of campbell soup…love, for sure (;
2012-05-20 20.21.14

Because we are uncreative and lazy people on weekends. What’s better than pizza and tv, Yup pizza DELIVERY and tv. Yums

2012-05-20 20.27.06 

And yes not in any relation to the above, this is a picture of fries.
I hopped off the treadmill, really only wanting to eat one thing. Truffle fries.
And the first thing I see while flipping open a random magazine. Omg, I die.
I didnt get to eat truffle fries tonight, but I sure remembered how good they tasted, #6. Freaking amazing.

Fries, so bad for you, but sometimes so damn good.

  2012-05-17 21.03.422012-05-17 21.04.07

Yeah definitely all over the place today haha but I kinda like it

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I don't know what this post is about! haha

I've read that a lot of street light buttons at the crosswalks(or at least a lot of them around here) don't actually do anything. They do, however, make us feel better when we press them.

You know, I don't think I've ever actually eaten truffle fries before. I do have truffle infused salt and a deep fryer though! Maybe one day I'll combine.

I'm sorry, but the instant noodles and campbells soup.. I don't know about that. Looks unappetizing.

hahaha well neither do i but that is how i sound like when im high on endorphins post run, all over the freaking place >_<

are you kidding me about the street lights! if its true i have been lied to since i was a kid, how tragic. i swear the ones i have do make the lights change faster.

you HAVE to try truffle fries. changed my life. ok not literally..hahaha

Some of the buttons at intersections do work though. If there are cars around it wont change. If the roads are empty, it should change sooner.

Have you heard of truffle honey? that's something you must try!

nope never heard of it..i assume its honey that tastes like truffle? What's it eaten with?

Everytime i see the word truffle i just think of truffle fries. zzz. i think i need to have some soon.

It's pretty much honey with bits of black truffle infused into it. Eat with cheese and bread! goes well with sweet/savory things.

be sure to snap a picture of the real stuff for me when you get some!

Ohh sounds lovely, I love anything with the truffle taste heh.
Yeaah hopefully I get to eat some soooon

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