Hello weekend

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Level 33  / Awesome company / Too-expensive food / Hilarious conversations / Medium steak / Mac and cheese / Truffle Mash / Chocolate lava cake / So Hungry Now. 2012-05-25 18.50.46  2012-05-25 19.09.33

2012-05-25 19.07.57

2012-05-25 19.08.34

Giant 22” Pepperoni’s / Yup those are standard forks and knives / Parma ham and rocket / YUM / Fried giant portobello mushroom / Basic Life love / Dessert / Mango icecream with brownie / Ice cream chefs


2012-05-26 19.05.35

2012-05-26 19.00.19

2012-05-26 20.30.36

10KM / 67 minutes / Done / Hot hot hot sweaty run / 157th in age group / Many many many people running the half and full at 1230am / Insanity / When’s the next?(:

2012-05-26 23.52.34


2012-05-28 00.42.46

Hilarious drawings and attempts to guess previous lines of drawings just by words during cell.

      2012-05-27 11.24.35  2012-05-27 11.19.32

Amazing weekend.

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You eat such fancy foods. It just looks so fancy!

Is it normal for your pizzas to be cut into squares?

Next time you can do a longer run! Easy as pie for you!

SO.. why is one of these drawings violent and the other anything but. haha

This concludes my random thoughts.

hahaha nah I don't..it just happened that this past weekend was filled with them..

and nope its not normal for squares, we usually do slices just that this one was too huge to have slices and eat them presentably. haha

those 2 drawings were just my favourites out of a bunch of them we played as a game. kinda like the broken telephone game except this you had to guess the picture or phrase written by the person before you only and unravel the paper at the end to see the final result. fun stuff!(:

haha, MORE delicious foods!

That 36 inch pizza I was telling you about before was cut into 8 gigantic slices!

That sounds like a super entertaining game =)

I'm hungry now.. hahha

I seem to be blessed by alot of that in the recent weeks. But I'm not complaining (: Haha I really can't imagine a 36" after seeing the 22" one I had.

It is so much fun! especially when you play with a few artistically untalented and random people.

On the contrary I am so full now I dont think I can think about food for the next 12 hours. hah

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