Just a little more

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Somtimes that is all you need.
Just that little more
Just that extra five minutes (of sleep / hanging on the treadmill / of focusing on something)
This few weeks has just been kaaa-raaay-zeee and everyday is so full on unexpected things, many times I comfort myself that all I need is just that little bit more.
After all I am supposed to be in the prime of my youth, 9-7pm-partyallnight-come in to work ok the next day-repeat stage of life.

Work, bring it on.
How apt. My deskmate left this in my care while on leave. And I am treating it as well as it is me.


Why so cute, pig.IMG-20120529-WA00001 

Amazing chirashi don. Fat sashimi slices, Vinegary rice with seaweed. Love this. 2012-05-30 20.12.01

What we had. Being absolutely greedy. Some things never change I guess. Yep some definitely made it to next day lunch.
Chawanmushi, above said ricebowl. Except I was too hungry and started digging in hence the hole in the picture below hehe, Teriyaki red snapper, gosh this is so freaking amazing. I had no idea snapper was that fatty, in the fishy way. Finally, grilled Ika to end off (because we were greedy zzz)


Great food, Great friends, Time just flies.
And the mandatory walking around getting lost trying to find the place we’re supposed to be at and reaching there twice the time we actually needed to get there.
Fantastic. (;

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SUSHI! looks so amazing! I don't think I want to know how much that costs over there.

amazing is definitely spot on. damage of the entire meal: 75SGD. but i declare it worth it. (; but then again i am partial towards all things japanese heh

I think I need to go out for some japanese soon!

As long as you think it's money well spent, that's all that matters!

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