Fleeting passion


I wish I was one of those passionately talented individuals. Knowing absolutely unequivocally what their life calling was, even if they did not like it at some point in time, they still knew, people still told them, they still returned to it at some point. It did not run away, nor hide itself or degenerate. Talent to write, talent for speech, talent to look beautiful, talent with music, especially talent for music. Its such a beautiful thing, to listen to, to appreciate, to lull time by, to zone out to, fall in and out of, wake and fall asleep to. And people who can just take up their instrument, any instrument, and make beautiful notes and chords come out of intricately random yet perfectly orchestrated finger movements. I love the sound of the guitar, the piano, stringed instruments, full orchestras, halfs, string quartets, voices..

Passion. What am I passionate about, passionate for.

I will wait, I will seek, I pray one day I will be lucky enough to know the answer to that age old question.

People say its in the daily things you do or those that do you don’t, that you eventually sieve out the answers to those dreams. Well, here’s just some things that I see everyday, I love the view, the bustle of it, the excitement of importance, the drive of men, the challenge to excel, and sometimes even the concurrent detest of monday blues. Then again, there are the lulls, but I’d like to think I see the glass half full.  P1140485

One of the weekend day ridesP1140481P1140483

Like little blue toy buildings.



In other news, its the weeeeeekend!(:

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What wonderful architecture!

Anyways, regarding passion, my suggestion is to try everything once. You just never know.

Yupp i agree that's great architecture(: kinda take it for granted sometimes hehe.

Hopefully i find it soon!(:

the world is your oyster, eat up!

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