Cornflake crunchies

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My favourite way of eating cornflakes aren’t in a bowl of milk nor are they straight out of the package, they’re in these little balls of crunchies. Cereal in anything is always, always good, and any kind of cereal too I must add. I love cereal.

Honey stars, captain crunch, honey bunches, koko krunch!, weet bix (for the healthy days), REESES PUFFS (although we don’t have them hereL) and I could go on forever but you get the point. But I have to say the very first cereal I’ve ever eaten was in day-care during pre-schooling years. Plain old cornflakes in those tiny boxes that comes in packs of 6 that I would bug mum to buy for me to bring to school to eat. Because in those days, small boxes of cereal were cool like that. Then other kinds of cereal started to evolve, and now we have pretty much aisles of cereal in supermarkets.


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But these days I don’t really have the luxury of sitting down in the morning, read the papers or something or try to wake up properly and eat a bowl or cereal with cold milk. Yep, because I’m not a morning person and I’M ALWAYS LATE IN THE MORNINGS. Bah.

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Don’t really know how I did it all through primary , secondary and jc days but now its like almost impossible for me to get to an 0830 class on time. Yes I know its terrible but I think I can live with that for now and I’m thankful the academic year is almost over for me. Right, less school talk, more about these crunchy things.

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Part two of the Chinese new year snacks are golden, crunchy and quite very yummy. And I really do believe sometimes, the simplest recipes are the most delicious. Cereal in a cookie or more specifically, cornflakes in a cookie, this could be the substitute for on-the-go cereal breakfast, good for lets see, all day. Only during CNY calories don’t count. Sigh!

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We started off in the late morning, (because I can’t get up early and very well don’t want to), creaming, folding, mixing, crushing, preheating. All adjectives which I love quite a lot(: its seldom that we ever need to use the very old tool of the mortar and pestle but for this, it seemed pretty handy. Getting out the food processor for this is just a little much work. Plus how easy are cornflakes to crush! And I didn’t want to over crush them otherwise they just wouldn’t ‘stick’ right on the cookies later.

These are as simple as melting moments really, except these rise a little in the oven when cooked because of the baking powder so a little space on the trays is necessary.

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So after about 2 hours of balling cookie dough, rolling them in crushed cornflakes and alternating trays to go into the oven, and a washing up a few huge mixing bowls and many spoons and a spatula, the cookies were all decked out for CNY. Two down one more to go! Hello my golden army of cookies! Approximately 250 cookies can constitute an army you think? Just too bad this army’s gonna get chewed up within the week by bored and bingey people during the customary visiting and exchanging of new year related foodstuffs between relatives and friends.

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(makes approx 240 small cookies or 7 bottles )


- 2 blocks butter
- 2 cups sugar
- 3 eggs (60g)
- 4 cups self raising flour
- ¾ box of cornflakes (or as much needed for rolling)
*use 1 tsp baking powder for every cup of plain flour if self-raising flour not available


1. Cream butter and sugar until pale, light and fluffy
2. Beat in eggs
3. Sift in dry ingredients and mix well
4. Roll teaspoonfuls of the mixture in lightly crushed cornflakes
5. Preheat oven to 350 degF or 180degC
6. Place on greased cookie sheets and bake cookies for 12-15 minutes
7. Let cool completely before packing into bottles


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i'm liking ur photos more and more. does that mean i'm hungry (at 3am), u're baking nicer stuff that look nicer too, u're getting better, or im deprived of my camera?

i think its mostly the last one. my house is boring to shoot in.

hey xin'en can a copy ur recipe? it's look so good, and in the ingredients says '3eggs (60gram)' is it mean 60 gram each egg right?

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