Mocha cookies for green boys in a parade

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Today, I am going to use a sentence that all kids between the ages of 6 to 8 (myself included when I was that age) love to end their essays/composition writing with.
'... and we went home feeling tired but happy.' The end.

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(I used to love writing The End at the end of my essays, it made me feel accomplished for some kiddy reason but my teachers told me that real essays don't end like that and all the cool kids didnt have that at the end, so 'the end' became a thing of the past)

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But that statement so accurately describes my exact feeling now. I could possibly make it a little more grown up by adding 'and satisfied' and scratching 'the end' but just let me go back to being 6 years old again for awhile? Being an almost-adult is hard. Decisions, responsibilities, obligations and challenges. But we shall save that for another time yes?
Today is all about tired and happy(:
(but I still am up doing this big pictorial post, figures. hahaha)
I'm liking this space more and more!
*check out the cute red pepper kitchen timer wheee

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6 hours of sleep last night + early morning wake up alarm would normally bring the inner grumpy dwarf out of me but today held purpose and the incentive of breaking the daily routine.
I was going to see my silly little brother graduate from basic military training. For the life of me I cannot imagine or even begin to picture how that silly little boy who used to irritate me to no end could don the smart 4, operate a rifle, do a 24km route march and pull off a parade.

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Decided to brave the boat ride (I tend to get seasick!), the heat, and impending smellyness that just wafts all around you, I cannot even begin to describe the smell of boys in uniform after 24 click. Please imagine.

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And being the good student, yes I brought notes along. Tragic or dedication? You tell me.
We had to be seated by 2.30pm and the parade was only going to start at 3.45pm.
1hr 15min of sitting and sweating. Its like watching the National Day Parade (minus the fireworks)

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I brought cookies!

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But they werent for me. Decided to bake them for the graduating little kid since I didnt have time to do them last week. Chocolate and coffee. I have no idea why he likes coffee so much since he doesnt have anything to be done pertaining to the need of caffeine but yeah I did make those mocha chocolate babies. Did the pre-chilled dough yesterday at 1.30am, which came together in less than 20 min. After much cookie making, I have concurred that the ideal cookie making time is at night. So the dough can be chilled and ready for the next day to be popped into the oven. Easy peasy. Throw away the cling wrap and heyy! no washing! haha(:

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Had some quality time with my notes and it was time to take out the camera to have some fun!
But first, mum had go all law abiding on us and filling out the survey form. Who even does that! With super long comments on the section of 'Additional comments'
She suggested that they provide refreshments. Welldone mum, welldone.
I was amused to say the least. I think she was bored. But I know she meant the refreshments bit. Really.
Look at her go. She had fun.

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Had a game of 'find the little green son/brother' and a slew of photos ensued. Some, not by choice but by insistent orders of a very excited mother 'take this!', 'look there!', 'take, take, take'.
Okaaay I'll just keep clicking then..

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FOUND! hahah(:

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Some formation and drill thingy

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Ooh look, no hair! haha

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Then came the 'putting on the cap for the son' bit which we had to brave the smell. Oh gosh. I wanted very much to be a dolphin/seal for 10 minutes so that I could hold my breath. Hahaha ok I kid, dolphins are smelly too!

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Then comes ceremonial cap throwing.
So my kid brother has survived 9 weeks of the army. He looks quite happy with the cookie you think! Yay. Now he needs a bath.

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Quite worth the late night and early morning wake up to make these cookies to see people eating them like this. The cookies were pretty yum if I may say so myself. If the chocolate + coffee combination doesnt float your boat or give you an instant boost I dont know what would.
End of parade! Spot the difference. Before and after.

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O for Orion. Which my dear mother thought stood for O for Onion.
Does look pretty alike but a whole world of difference. Needless to say I got a good laugh out of it.
'Hi, I'm from Onion company' joke much!!

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And then it was 6pm! So we spent 5 hours waiting around for the 45min parade. eeeesh
He needed a bath, so home it was. Then dinner at Everything With Fries. Awesome.
I was super hungry by then. 1 pc bread + 2 oreos the entire day. Ravenous now! Stuck my head out of the car to try and snap the pretty sky outside the ferry terminal. Very unlike usual Singapore scenery.

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Tried to get mum to take a decent photo of us and the pretty sky. This is what I got. Total fail. Mum's are awesome and all but behind a camera, yep this is as good as it gets. hahaaa. WHAT IS THIS!

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And then onto dinner!

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This time I got to try all the different fries cos I made them order different flavours heh.

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And after that 4 of us demolished 1 nutella tart in about.....1 minute, literally.
Please excuse the blurry picture, people were impatient. Quite understandable if you're sitting in front of this.

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It was so fast if you blinked three times slowly I promise you, you would only get a bite. But sharing desserts is (: A little sweet end to a meal which I love but not too much till you dont want it anymore.

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Came home, decided to go for an impromptu run which turned out to be sprint intervals and hill climbs. Legs totally game over after that but the feeling of conquering hills and sprints is pretty cool. 5.6km worth of that, now I just want to sit and never get up.

See, 'tired and happy' pretty aptly describes the day aye! And if you need an instant perk-me-up. Please make those cookies, they would make anyone happy. Even grumpy the dwarf(:
I got the recipe from Kim@Lovintheoven and yes if you love coffee like I do my starbucks, please add all 3 tablespoons of instant coffee. No regrets there(:

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School tomorrow. I can almost smell the weekend.

The End(;

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that sounds like a very interesting restaurant. everything with fries.. sounds so bad for you. haha

haha its quite cool! literally everything with fries but with different seasonings. yummmmy. worth the workout(:

as long as it's worth the workout =)

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