A salad and some incentives

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I think I'm a bad blogger. Food or otherwise, still bad. I tell people a story, oh wait, half a story and I traipse off somewhere and return only when I feel like it.
My html does not allow me to reply comments, I dont link people (I should! I will get that up soon) I dont organise the sidebar. And I dont post enough food. Bad person. badbadbad! hahaha but you have to understand, its exam season and I might have exam fever and am going a little crazy.
But today I come with healthy(ier) food. Does that make me a little better heh(;
(see! veggies!)

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With an entry, comes a story, and these days I just dont have stories to tell now. Everyday is the same, no, almost. With the slight unimportant exception of what I am currently revising, the coffee/tea I drink, the time I daydream from my books, the time I get up to pee, what I eat for dinner (because that's not up to my control but whats cooking in the kitchen)
That might sound like a lot is different, but trust me it is not.
I need excitement in my life, but that has to wait. Waiting is hard. I dont like waiting.
But waiting makes me a better person. I think..

About 7 weeks.

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It will come really fast, I just know it, yet time crawls by ever so slowly. How oxymoronic can I sound. You have no idea. Sometimes I wish the world could work my way. It would go something like this. When you're doing something boring but necessary, time stands still, stopping. So as to allow you to do what you have to get done. When its all done and ready, time ticks on again, leaving you the entire rest of the day to enjoy and laugh and play and eat.

Hedonistic much!?

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That said, I think the world would not be a very good place, because I dont make very good plans. Ohwell a girl can try to plan.
Only with hard work and completion to some extent, be it a small to-do list or an entire project or just going outside for a run when I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly don't want to, can one enjoy the rewards later (chilling, movie, fooooood, friends, going out, resting, the high you get from running). If there's no hard work, even if you do skip straight to the rewards, it doesnt taste as sweet.
Like how coke (the drink ok not drugs!) tastes pretty darn good after 3.6km as opposed to a drinking it say, in a movie?

What can I say, I work well with incentives. So I have mini incentives to get myself through school weeks. Be it baking something super cool or catching movies or chilling with awesome friends, going suntanning by the pool or even buying the next cookbook, cookie book on the list hahaa.
One week at a time yea? So this is also a small (somewhat healthy) incentive to come home to and assemble after some furious revision note writing and countless angsty tutorial fighting sessions. See its not breakfast! hahaha but I can forsee more breakfast-y foods to come.
Riight, and I've gotten my sleep cycle almost ideal which is another step in the right direction yay(:

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Oh by the way, see what did I tell you about being a bad blogger, I forget to impart recipes too.
This is super easy like 5 minute easy (or less) but you have to first have quite an awesome mother who makes chicken mayonnaise spreads and puts them in the fridge upon request. An entire bowl for me for the week. happy maxxxx!

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So here goes: caesar salad! (my way)

1. Wash romaine lettuce (cut into bite size pieces)
2. Toast bread until very crunchy, cut into breadcrumbs, drizzle olive oil, throw those in
3. Scoop as much chicken as you want(:
4. Mix all together, add ground black pepper
5. Add cherry tomatoes if you have (even more awesome and pretty)
6. Grab whichever cheese you like and add to the pile


7 weeks!


Comments (6)

hmm, not sure you can call it a caesar salad without the proper dressing.

regardless, youcandoit!

(this is one of the few blogs that i like posting comments on, so expect to see my name a lot. haha [also, i realize that i am responding to a comment you made from another posting on this post, but i dont care! *evil laugh*])

@stan: Hahaa now that I think about it, it is actually only a chicken salad zzz, must have been too caught up in the excitement of hopping on the healthy bandwagon!
yay really appreciate the comments too! I dont feel like I'm talking to myself like a bumbling bee!
and yes you should do the foodie pics on a blog! if u do hit me up with the link ya

dont get too caught up in the healthy now. it's good to indulge sometimes. just do your best to work it off afterwards.


andddd there. i hope i keep it active

yeah I run to eat. fact.
I'll link u up when I get my link list up! Its on the to-do list to beautify this space. Pls do keep it active! hahaha post up some awesome eats, I do miss food in the usa.

awesome, a runner. i'm more of a cyclist myself, but a good run is just fantastic sometimes.

i'm sure you'll be back sometime for good food, right?

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