A day with kaya toast and runny eggs

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I made breakfast today(:

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Eggs, check.

After days and days of yoghurt messes, which were perfectly yummy and healthy and not to mention super fast to prepare plus no mess to clean up. Makes for quick exits from the house too because the sooner I get my butt isolated and devoid of entertainment, the faster I get to start proper work. I need change. Hello eggs!
You would think after 14 years of education (yep I just counted), studying would get a little easier, less painful.


People always tell you, or at least many people have told me, that the A levels is as hard as education gets, after that, university, ahh that's a piece of cake. Piece of 10-tiered-different-layered-fondant-covered-3D-wedding cake maybe!!!
It does not get easier. Maybe less of the fear-of-going-to-class-because-you-didnt-do-assigned-homework, because now even if you don't turn up it doesnt matter as long as you play catch up on your own.

Ah university. You give me a lot of headache and joy. Exams, well 100% headache, that I know for sure. But after that headache comes joy.
That I know too.
But this is Joy for sure(:

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Yay breakfast! Also known as my favourite yet most neglected (during these times) meal of the day.
See IDF/blob whichever you want to identify yourself with, I made my own Yakun kaya toast with runny soft-boiled eggs!(: (add dark soy sauce yummm!)

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Realised that I haven't had breakfast as such in quite awhile and what better way to start the day than to munch on super crunchy toast and copious amounts of butter and kaya squished together. Was quite tempted to make 4 pcs of bread but cutting the sides off was creating enough of a mess plus 4 pcs just sounds like a lot! Although in Yakun, its the standard serving. Hmmm.

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Yes I tried to make it as authentic as I could, slicing off the edges.
But to start off with wholemeal bread instead of white...sigh. How authentic can I get?!
Don't throw the edges away though! See why later(:
I love that knife.

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You can't see it here but in between is a very non-photogenic mess of melted butter and gooey kaya. Slurp.

Ideally, it should be 2 eggs, 2 toasts (ie: 4 pcs of bread), 1 cup or tea or coffee. And because I suffer from the fact that time is fast snowballing downhill away from me. But I have awesome coffee/tea waiting for me later and yes I can't make tea as good as 60cents tea/coffee the hawker uncle can.
I think I've reached my egg quota for the week.
Usually I like egg whites more than egg yolks. And I'm super picky about egg yolks. It either has to be totally hardboiled or totally runny and watery (like those in eggs benedict). Anything in the middle and it just tastes, weird. And I really don't like it.
But I don't know how long to boil them for to achieve total watery runny consistency.
So the eggs had little bits of solid parts in them.
Most of it was pretty watery awesome though(: Ohwell, still ate all of it haha.

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Egg dipping breadsticks yay!

And this is pretty much how the rest of the day went.

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A li'l intellectual stimuli while waiting for my tea. Euro down to 1.8!

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I know it says Starbie coffee but that is in fact a tea latte. Just because I was in a tea mood thanks to the Kaya toast and eggs.

Having the camera with me outside is pretty cool because anytime I'm approaching the 'ohnoooo mini panic attack! I can't do this/answer exam questions/solve anything' state of mind, I just reach for it, turn it on and look through the viewfinder. Or live view haha.
Listen to a few whirrs of the auto-focusing, finding some good light, taking some shots.
It distracts me momentarily, sufficiently.

And I get back to where I was 5 minutes ago.

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My mess. & my music. Which I almost very very nearly proclaimed dead the night before. Refusing to charge when it was totally flat and starting up and shutting down automatically non-stop! Its been a good 4 years my pod friend. Please continue to be my friend!
I Heart You sooo much!

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And indeed, presented by Changi airport Singapore.
Because yours truly finished the last exam pad prior to today and was without paper (the horrors) at 930am in the morning and out of the house. So I went to T3 to 'steal' some of this awesome A3 sized paper to make into an impromptu practice pad. Thankfully they had stacks and stacks of it for kiddy colouring activities. Its super good quality paper I might add!
Life saver.

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This may or may not have happened: A hot fudge sundae became dinner at 18:37HRS

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Fruity supper! Because ice-cream for dinner isn't cutting it.
Frozen mangoes? Yes please.
Yes I use powerpuff girls bowls heehee. + my abso-fabso-lutely favourite drink(:

&the battle continues tomorrow. (again)
I love my cameraaaaa!(:

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