Instant gratification

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And just like that the weekend is over and there definitely are moments where I felt I could have slept less and done more important things over the course of the day. Or talked less and listened more, laughed more and sulked less.

I would also very VERY much like to be a morning person. And if anyone can teach me how to do that I would be super grateful. really.
Is there any other way that sleeping early at 10pm? I need one of those highly irritating alarm clocks who runs away from you and hide somewhere so you need to get up and look for it.
I need it. I really do.

Ok so I actually went and googled 'most irritating alarm clock' and I was very amused to say the least, there are people out there like me. And we need help.
Top ten most annoying alarm clocks
I want the run-away-and-hide alarm clock! Also known as the #1 most annoying alarm clock.
Cool beans eh!

But maybe I can push these issues back about 10-12 more days and let myself focus on the last 2 papers I have to write for finals.
Yep I think I can do that.
Four months to mull over issues as such is more time that I could ever need. Though I can't guarantee I won't be on multiple sleepovers, multiple baking experiments, countless late nights and catching up session or just plain old chilling sessions with friends, shopping excursions, and good food of course.

Oh wait, not supposed to be thinking about that now am I.

instantnoodles1.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

Delayed gratification I would call them.
But sometimes I think I need instant gratification and what better way to yell instant than with instant noodles.

Instant noodles has always been an almost forbidden food for me, with the health conscious mother that I have. It has always been watered down to instant noodles not tasting or even looking like they should. Which is total waste of their potential in my opinion(;
You don't even wanna know.
They're supposed to be the cure for late night hunger pangs, or the lack of time to cook, or the sudden need for warm comfort food at any time of the day. They're supposed to be there for you at all times, stocked in your cupboards whenever you want them and able to satisfy you whenever. With good reason.

The pack of seasoning is supposed to be dumped in, in entirety, not rationed, or skimped on only to be dumped into the trash later. And the msg-fied soup is to be slurped up with noodles and not drained out or replaced.

instantnoodles2.jpg picture by classifiedramblings
(I add spice and chili to noodles cos I'm cool like that heh)

I know a million ways to make instant noodles NOT look like instant noodles or taste like them. But I shall not. Why spoil a good thing just because its a little unhealthy aye?
Well after a day of baking and feeling very unmotivated to go out and buy food or make some pasta, I decided to go with 5 minute dinners.
Even better than Rachael Ray and her 30 minute dinners. Mine is 5 minutes y'all!(; hahaha and you definitely do not need to be kitchen savvy - at all.

But pasta wasnt happening because my mum has frozen the pasta marinara sauce solid. She claims it keeps longer. Of course it does! no one ever eats it. The thawing time for the pasta sauce is long enough to deter you from starting on the dish.
Walking out to get some food..well not really in the mood for sweating like a pig considering how freakishly hot the weather is even at night. Ridiculously humid too I might add.
Plus baking = standing almost the entire day and I pretty much just want to sit down and eat some comfort food. (and think of all the washing you have to do ----- later)

instantnoodles3.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

Baking was ultimately fun and therapeutic and especially with a worthy cause. Shall do a post entirely dedicated to that soon. The results were rather yummy too if I may say so myself. Round 2 after the 2oth! yay

So it was noodles, luncheon meat (fried not toasted this time), some veggies thrown in and a little soup. Yumz
5 minute wonder meals I call this.

instantnoodles.jpg picture by classifiedramblings
(soooo unhealthy but delicious? methinks so!)
If you're wondering why there's 3 here and only 2 in my plate, well thats because I have superbly amazingly lousy chopsticks skills and one escaped onto the floor leaving me not only 1 luncheon meat less ; which is kinda a good thing and an oily kitchen floor to clean. NOT a good thing):!
My life is full of awesomeness and smartness right. hmpf

And yes this is the second packet of noodles I'm eating. Noodles 2 days in a row.
Either I'm incredibly sad or incredibly blessed, to be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I choose to be the latter.
Needless to say the noodles were incredibly yummeh. Salty, tasty, soupy and warm in all the right places. Hot springy noodles straight out of the pot, fry up some meat from dubious origins but totally remind you of childhood days, throw in some vegetables, contemplated an egg but decided to let the meat be the star of the show.
The best part is trying to slurp up the noodles when you know, clearly, its still too hot, and getting your lips and tongue burnt, but in a good way. A greedy way haha
Alternating between the veggies and the meat every mouthful and before you know it, its the last piece of meat that you've been saving till the end and the last mouthful of noodles.

instantnoodles4.jpg picture by classifiedramblings
(Older chinese folk will always tell you not to stick your chopsticks into the noodles like that. heh)

And its gone ):

For the next 10 minutes you sit there and feel the warmth of the noodles go down your throat and spread over your body and feel the sting of the extra chili powder you dashed in at the last minute. And there's the slight burn of the lips due to justified impatience. But its all worth it.

I doubt anyone has written about instant noodles like this.
Now I eat it with luncheon meat, maybe there will be a day I would pair it with abalone? Now a girl can dream aye?(;

10 more days to go.
For this I choose delayed gratification.

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