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*Because its all about finals and writing papers today, the food (or other weird things) should and would be classified under 'weird exam food'
-normal food will resume shortly(;
-and I am going to apologize for the crap photos the phone camera takes. I miss my phone cybershot. And I miss taking dslr picturess
(and yes Indian dessert falls under weird exam food, and rightly so)

examfood2.jpg picture by classifiedramblings
Description of all indian desserts by indian dessert selling auntie: All sweet.
Ayeaye capt'n

examfood.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

I finally get to click the blue button! (to refresh my life..kidding) To write a new post.
Halfway, no, more than halfway through my papers as of today. 2 more to go, which are 2 weeks away. I really don't know to be happy or sad about that.
In the mean time, I'm all about being thankful about the papers done. Not that I am thankful about almost killing my index finger while trying to squeeze words out fast enough to fill about 10 pages worth of words. Masses of words.
I'm thankful that my quite freaking amazing God told me today in Matt 11:28- Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Don't even need to begin how appropiate that is seeing 3 hours sleep 6 hours concentration. That was so not me.

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Ohgosh honey teddy grahams how I really really really miss you. Eating you out of the box, replenishing you at safeway mondays.

Aaand I am writing yet another essay here. Champs.
But this is easy, this is fun, smiley writing and that is tear your hair out, whiny and anal writing.
Today was a krahaaaazy day to say the least. I should be sleeping now. 830pm. But I am whimsical and silly like that. And I dont make the best decisions when it comes to enjoyment and hedonistic fun. Last night I went to bed when the sun almost rose. 5am.
Napped for 3 hours. Possibly less.
I'm totally paranoid about oversleeping and missing the start of exams.
(I set 3 alarms that scream at me to wake up and am greeted by tons WAKE UP NOW and YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE and LEAVE HOUSE NOW, kinda statements)

Woke up to weird weather, wished I had the camera right by me so I could take some shots but then again I had a million things to do before 10am (start of paper) plus the camera was downstairs): Well for starters it was blitheringly hot, sunny and all. But at the same time it was pouring rain. Big fat heavy rain droplets. Noisy enough to wake me up from my second turned-off-snooze of the morning.
Hot rain. Not a good weather to wake up to, much less trudge in on the way to the bus.
Thank God it let up.

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Indian doughnut? Not so much. Its these little things that make me think of airport study hmpf.

Of course I took liberty in enjoying a rare sit down breakfast (I save these for special occassions when I feel like I want to dawdle as much and well 'savour' the day) of yumz cereal and yoghurt mess. Its my latest breakfast craze and I make mum buy 4 mini pots of yoghurt everyweek.
Yoghurt with cereal tastes even better than milk with cereal.
Personal opinion(:

examfood8.jpg picture by classifiedramblings
just so you know I'm all about lovin' the 50% rack at coldstorage and got this yummy box at just over $3. Awesome or not! &I'm also currently obssessed with cereal

Macro was rather fun, in a totally sadistic way. 3hrs. nextttt.
Then in-between I had a measly 1.5 hour break which after much dawdling came to slightly less than an hour. Which I also found time to squeeze in a sad sad measly lunch/snack of a pb sandwich, rather squished up I must add. Plus it was cold no thanks to antartica-like weather in the hall. Then a very much needed can of coffee to give me whatever caffeine rush I could get.
Soci. +3hrs.

Okay funny story here. Not so funny when it happened but now, yeah.

So I was munching my way slowly through the 10-parter of a question.
Then I came to my Globalisation question in section B. Essay-planned (sorta) and got writing. So like half way through the first paragraph, I suddenly felt like I was trying very hard (but failing to) recall the memorized fact and verbal diahorrea-ed facts.

omg. panic? essay without content = zilch. how!?

So the conversation with myself went something like this:

Left brain: omg what comes after transformationalist? who's the person I'm supposed to quote?
Right brain: ohmae! (person in soci) you silly brain.
LB: I knew that already. Who's the other one!
RB: other one..hmm...other what?
LB: other person! And what did he come up with!!

*starts to panic* 25marks and I'm only one paragraph in and no more content

RB: (gets sidetracked) hmm now what should I do after the paper
LB: omgomgomg howww 4.10pm already
RB: chicken nuggets! instant noodles! hmm is my stomach growling?
LB: maybe I should skip to the next point?
RB: actually I know what you need to do
LB: NO CHICKEN NUGGETS you crazy weirdo. (ok what do I need to do?)
RB: you need to peeeeeee really badly

(comes to realization)

LB: omg I do! crap i'm in the middle of the gigantic hall.
*before reply could be generated I'm half running to the loo. figures.

(after peeing)
(comes back and immediately remembers all the facts again)

Both Brains: omg I'm suddenly smart again. *writes frantically

I'm sorry you have to hear about pee here but it is quite hilarious now, looking back.
Not so funny then.
On hindsight it was probably the coffee that I gulped down prior to the paper. Coffees are diuretics, they make you pee. Fact.

examfood7.jpg picture by classifiedramblings
Not the coffee I drank but I prefer starbie anyday. McCafe's fine but Starbie's always dabomb.

530pm. Overr! I survived 6 hours of intensive thinking on 3 hours of sleep. Something I thought I would be incredibly painful to endure. I did it yay(:

And then on the way home instant noodles and luncheon meat crept back into my head. Slowly but surely.
I really have no idea why I have such weirddddd cravings all of a sudden. Started last night. I wanted to have instant noodles + luncheon meat + chicken nuggets all in one meal. How weird is that pls, not to mention totally unhealthy and disgusting. So I toyed with the idea of walking to simpang to get the said above but at the same time mum texted me and asked me if I wanted dinner from 85. Which is always an awesome alternative, but I decided to push my luck a little more and ask her to buy the said above.

If you know my dear mother, she's a big fan of the healthy eating lifestyle and instant noodles, I dont even have that at home, much less canned luncheon meat. Yes I know its super disgustingly unhealthy and who knows what is in that meat in the can, plus drop all your hair instant noodles. Okay mum will never buy that for me.

But she did. It must have been the exam stress magic. Yes of course she tried to buy the 'made in singapore' one instead of the famous malin one and instant noodles, well that she cant do much. And of course she tried her hardest to make it healthy. hahaha (want to know how..)

1. dont use all the seasoning (too bad dumped it all in)
2. drain the soup from the noodles and use fish soup okok! (noooo! runs away with my soup)
3. use the toaster oven to cook the meat, dont fry (finefineeeee ok)
4. you want some vegetables (oh awwwright)

champs. yes?
But it was still disgustingly unhealthy or maybe its quite normal and I'm just not very used to it.
Oh-so-yummy nonetheless.

I wanted to take a picture. But the camera didnt have its memory card. Its ok I'll do it tomorrow. I know the brother will sure want some of that unhealthy-ness. Its almost a guaranteed.
And right now, while I can still feel the sting of hot noodles slurping down my throat and the saltiness of the luncheon meat, I'm feeling pretty fuzzy warm inside, full and very craving-satiated.
Its such a good feeling.
I dont even feel like looking at a nugget right now. Should I stay in, watch about 5 hours of backlogged tv, read some blogs, msn and PACK MY ROOM or should I chill somewhere outside.
Or sleep till tomorrow morning.
Decisions decisions. I feel as though I dont have anymore papers to sit for.

examfood11.jpg picture by classifiedramblings
Milky goodness, guess the drink?

examfood12.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

hiatus from work for at least 24 hours.
yay me.
oh and I shall do a birthday (sorta) post tomorrow (:
really random pictures, all of studying sessions.
Will do yummy baking post in a few days!

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what an intense day! i hope you get some much needed R&R after you're done with all your exams.

totally intense and now onto round two..can't wait for that seriously..
summertime fun!

Just work hard and it'll pay off sometime!(hopefully)

you're working to be the person you want to be, so make it good!

round two fight!


exam die.
ur power too powerful for exams.

ya i have infinite superpowers! yay me(:
countdown starts nowwww

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