Oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes

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You would think I'm going a little crazy when I spend time staying up till like 3am in the morning thinking of ways to motivate myself to wake up in the morning, not the usual snoozing the alarm till 11am and reluctantly rolling out of bed because the sun is too hot kind of waking up.

hot, sticky, icky and unmotivated. ew

I really want the open your eyes and thank God its a new day kind of morning. The kind where you feel and know for sure it's going to be a good day and everything is going to be just fine. And I go to bed feeling somewhat hopeful and positive the latter will come true but the former is always realised.

Then again staying up to think of ways how to make myself rise and shine early isn't probably the best way to do things, yeayea the best way is to just sleep at 11pm and rise and shine will come naturally
I am not most people and I cannot do it. I just can't so I need motivation. And that is to have food, that is only deemed acceptable at breakfast, like pancakes. Although I can probably out-argue myself on this one I am not going to.

Pancakes=Breakfast, for now.

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And you will not believe the amount of time I spent contemplating between banana pancakes with chocolate chips and oatmeal raisin pancakes. Upon checking that I didnt have bananas ruled out the former. But being me, since I can't have the best of both, I shall have the best of both worlds in ONE. hah.
Oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes it is.

Plus i really have to get myself a bottle of maple syrup but I really really cannot walk 10 minutes in this crazydrought-like weather here. look at all the parched grass): so fruit it is.
Besides its healthier anyway(yes I console myself, let me be)

Weekend breakfast 1 : Lazybumness: 0

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scratch to-do lists, eat some pancakes first(:


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