Lightning storm and some eggs

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I'm not a morning person.
I would very much with every ounce of my being, like to be one
But I am not.
So the other day I was thinking (while trying to solve some accounting grub) how to make myself transform into one. Imagine waking up early, say 730AM, just because I can and have in fact gotten enough sleep and woken up willingly. Opening the window and breathing in the fresh morning air, swinging legs off the bed and getting about the day, happily and not in fact grouching about the fact that it is in fact, early in the morning.
That is such ideal life.

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Now that classes have slowed to a halt and revision classes have yet to begin full swing, its prime revision time. To consolidate, revise, practice, revise somemore, print papers, do time practices and of course drink coffee(;
And I need discipline. To wake up at do work. And not potentially waste the day thinking that I'm going to start that tutorial half an hour from now and never do in the end.
So I came to the conclusion that I need to sleep earlier to wake up earlier. Sounds simple enough? Apparently not.

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Because I can't sleep.
I think I live in a different time zone, about 3 hours ahead of others. My clock is warped.
So the other day, I decided to turn off all electrical devices (because technology is sucha monster sometimes) and lights at 12mn and just lay in bed. Relatively cooling night and ideal for sleep. Tried squeezing my eyes shut and flipped and flopped so many times till I lost count on the bed. The feeling: highly frustrating.
So I flopped onto one side yet again (hopefully for the last time) and I was looking at a potential lighting storm.
I LOVE lightning storms. They just seem dangerous and cool and yet I know I'm perfectly safe in my room and watching the sky turn purple, red, orange and blue is so so surreal. Yet without rain, the lightning just thundered for a good 5-10minutes. Then it occurred to me to pick up the camera to try and catch some lightning in action right! And get some camera practice with slow shutter. Sigh I'm always too slow for things like that. So I found the camera in the dark, adjusted it, propped it on my knee and window ledge because the tripod is somewhere I dunno where,

And waited for the next flash of lightning.

And waited, and waited

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(my legs are cramping right about now)

One reluctant rumble, and another
I got about five reluctant rumbles and disgruntled flashes and a ton of black, no lightning blurry photos. Story of my life.
Well I did manage one with some semblance of lightning in it but sigh it was so unlike all the previous vivid flashes I'd seen earlier.

IMG_2775.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

yep this is all I got:(
After the lightning misadventure, at least I was somewhat tired with all that anticipation and misfortune and cramped legs. Turned off the camera, remembered to put on the lens cap even, and sunk into the pillow again.
And well hello there, the lightning show began again.
I just smiled a little at the irony of it all and continued with the show until I couldnt remember anymore.

egg-ina-hole3.jpg picture by classifiedramblings

And the next morning I edited the shot somewhat to the best of my ability and saw that it was 3.03AM when I took the shot. So much for sleeping early.
Consoled myself for abit and made some Eggs-in-a-hole for breakfast and enjoyed that for abit with leftover chicken mayonnaise before going about the day with accounting, economics and starbucks friends.

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see that u've been having fun with ur bro's dslr! haha! jealous!!! :(


Hi ong!!(: hahaha one day i bring it out and we can play w it!

HAHAHA. k i shall be nice and say its nice in an artistic sort-of way.

ahhuey, thanks ah thanks. in a fail kind of way more likely.
i shall refrain from disturbing you on my own space (:

ok now i need to come up with ways to make you extend your own space to everywhere else. its quite cool. you can title it: myopia.


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